Are you a Yummy Mummy?

yummy mummy


Our Stroller Fit class is designed for moms who want to get back into shape while spending time with their baby.  Escape the confines of your house and create valuable time for yourself without feeling guilty.  Meet other new moms, bond with your baby, and get fit, all while you do something positive for yourself.

Burning calories has never been this fun!  Kinetic Stroller Fit will have you feeling empowered, lean and more invigorated. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight will not only be achievable it will be fun! The class incorporates power walking, muscular conditioning, core strengthening, stretching and all over body toning – much more than just a walk in the park!! We use resistance bands and body weight exercises along with cardio to help tone your muscles and rev up your metabolism.

Join now and become the healthiest version of you!  You will need a stroller (any type), towel or mat, and a water bottle. All fitness levels are welcome. Work at your own pace and meet the needs of your baby.

Interested? Give us a call 905-637-1414 !



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