Preventing Knee Injuries

Deutsch: Knie, rechtes Röntgen von der Seite A...

The Knee (xray)

An in depth look into the world of your knees, their strengths and weakness.

Focusing on elite athletes as well as the average athlete, our Athletic Therapist has provided you with a full spectrum of information on the knee and how to prevent injury. From reviewing strengthening exercises for one of the most important joints in your body to looking at statistics about knee injury and how to avoid it, this article provides readers with everything they need to know about their knees.    Preventing Knee Injuries


2 thoughts on “Preventing Knee Injuries

  1. Love your information, always insightful and interesting to read.

  2. Instability exercises are great in helping prevent major knee injuries. I was fortunate as an athlete doing exercises on bosu and wobble boards helped prevent me needing surgery after a soccer injury.

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